Proposed 2017 Transportation Alternatives Projects

Public comment invited

RTC is seeking input from the public on projects being considered for funding through the federal Transportation Alternatives Program within Clark, Skamania, and Klickitat counties. The public comment and review period is scheduled for May 5 through May 31, 2017. Public comments will be accepted using the contact e-mail in the right sidebar on this page, using our Feedback form, or in-person by attending an RTC Board of Directors meeting.

The following list includes projects submitted to RTC for consideration. Eligible projects include bicycle and pedestrian facilities, safe routes for non-drivers, rails-to-trails, scenic viewpoints, community improvements, and environmental mitigation.

2017 Applications

Chelatchie Rails with Trails Phase 2
The City of Battle Ground will complete design and right of way acquisition for a 0.75 mile section of the Chelatchie Prairie Rails with Trails, between Main Street to Northeast City Limits. The trail will be a 12-foot wide multi-use asphalt path.
NE 68th Street Sidewalk
Clark County will design sidewalks along one side of 68th Street, between Highway 99 and the Vancouver City Limit (1.05 miles). After additional engineering, Clark County will determine a 2,100 foot section for construction of the first phase of the project. The remainder of the sidewalk will be a future construction phase.
Klickitat Multi-Use Trail Connection Project
Klickitat County will construct 0.29 miles of multi-use trail in the community of Klickitat. The project will include 1200 linear feet of 8 foot asphalt concrete trail, 21 linear feet of new 5 foot sidewalk, lighting upgrade, ADA accommodations, curb extensions, and new benches.
Phase III Waterfront Trail Construction: Stevenson Shoreline Project
The Port of Skamania County will construct a new accessible 550-foot waterfront trail and overlook, that will create a continuous waterfront trail paralleling the Columbia River in the City of Stevenson. The trail will be ADA-accessible, and enhanced with benches, native landscaping, and wayfinding and interpretive signage.
Columbia River Renaissance Trail Connection
The Port of Vancouver will construct a 1,200 linear foot long and approximately 24 feet wide trail connecting the Columbia River Renaissance Trail at the Port’s Terminal 1 property. The project will also require ground stabilization. This will eliminate a gap in the City of Vancouver’s regional waterfront trail. The trail will be ADA-accessible, and enhanced with security lighting, landscaping, benches, public art, wayfinding and interpretive signage.
Gee Creek Trail – Abrams Park to Heron Drive
The City of Ridgefield will construct a paved ADA accessible trail adjacent to Gee Creek from Abrams Park to Heron Drive.
NW Neighborhood Connectivity Improvements
The City of Vancouver will make strategic active transportation improvements in the Lincoln neighborhood. The project has three main components: 1) construction of sidewalks, curb, and stormwater facilities on the west side of Lincoln Avenue and addition of a pedestrian crossing at 53rd Street, 2) addition of sharrows on local streets to create a continues neighborhood bike route, and 3) design of sidewalk and path to improve access to Franklin Elementary School.

Previous Years’ Projects