Transportation Improvement Program

Current Projects

The State Transportation Improvement Program (STIP) is a compilation of TIPs from across Washington State. The current STIP is available as a searchable web database. This database contains a current list of programmed transportation projects, including all TIP amendments statewide. From this page you will be able to locate regionally significant projects by agency, MPO or RTPO, amendment number, or by PIN number (WSDOT).

Obligated Projects

Federal regulations require MPOs to publish an annual listing of projects for which federal funds have been obligated in the preceding year as a record of project delivery. Although it is the primary responsibility of the MPO to prepare the obligation list, the list must be developed though a cooperative effort with WSDOT and others who are responsible for tracking project obligation. The Term “obligation” is the federal government’s legal commitment to pay the Federal Share of a project.

Once funds have been obligated, the project sponsor begins incurring eligible project expenses and then will request reimbursement from the Federal Highway Administration or the Federal Transit Administration. Projects for which funds have been obligated are not necessarily initiated or completed in a single program year, and the amount of the obligation will not necessarily equal the total cost of the project.

All projects were listed in the previous year TIP and are consistent with the adopted Regional Transportation Plan. The following links provide a list of federal transportation projects within the MPO boundary for RTC (Clark County, Washington) that were obligated during a given calendar year.