Human Services Transportation Plan

HSTP 2018 Update

RTC is currently working with stakeholders to prepare a 2018 update to the Human Services Transportation Plan for the Clark, Skamania and Klickitat county region. The Plan will identify the special transportation needs of people with disabilities, low income, the young, the elderly and those in rural areas who cannot provide transportation for themselves.

Learn more about the HSTP update from a March 20 CVTV broadcast.

Human Services Transportation Plan: Outline

The 2018 HSTP update for the three counties in the region will include the following elements to meet state and federal requirements:

  • Stakeholders: convene and coordinate to understand special transportation needs
  • Emergency Management: to ensure disaster preparedness, response and recovery
  • Data and Information: provide demographic data, locate people with special transportation needs, their common trip origins and destinations and existing transportation services available
  • Identify Unmet Transportation Needs
  • Technology: to aid in the planning and coordination of transportation services
  • Develop Strategies to Meet Public Transportation Needs: coordinate and identify community project priorities

Timeline for HSTP Update

The 2018 timeline proposed for updating the HSTP is outlined below:

Convene stakeholders, gather data, discuss transportation needs, develop draft HSTP
Review draft HSTP with Accessible Transportation Coalition participants and public
Review draft HSTP with RTC Board and submit draft Plan to WSDOT
Work with stakeholders to develop project applications for statewide competitive Consolidated Public Transportation Grant program supported by the 2018 Human Services Transportation Plan.
Fall 2018
Request Accessible Transportation Coalition Initiative participants and RTC Board adoption of the HSTP update and project priorities. Submit adopted HSTP and statewide Consolidated Public Transportation Grant applications to WSDOT.

Public Participation

Your input on priorities to meet the transportation needs of people with disabilities, low income, the young and elderly is important to us. Contact RTC to let us know your thoughts and comments so they can be incorporated into the 2018 Human Services Transportation Plan update.

In particular, we would like feedback on these issues:

  1. How does transportation or lack of transportation affect you?
  2. What transportation services are needed in the 3-county region of Clark, Skamania, and Klickitat?
    • Is there a lack of accessible transportation in the region? If yes, be specific/examples
    • Are there gaps in transportation?
  3. Where are the places you generally need to get to?
    • Services (medical, shopping, etc.)
    • Geographical areas (neighborhoods)
    • Recreation
  4. What transportation currently works for you?
    • What needs enhancement?
    • What methods of transportation do you use?

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