Transportation Alternatives: Clark, Skamania, and Klickitat Counties


Surface Transportation Block Grant Program (STBG) for Transportation Alternatives improvements. For administrative purposes, the FHWA refers to these funds as the TA Set-Aside.

The Transportation Alternatives (TA) program was authorized to provide for a variety of alternative transportation projects. The Program goals address expanding travel choices, strengthening the local economy, improving the quality of life, and protecting the environment. Transportation Alternatives projects include pedestrian and bicycle facilities, viewing areas, community improvement activities, environmental remediation, recreational trails, and safe routes to school.

The Transportation Alternatives Program allows each region and/or state to develop their implementation program within the federal guidelines of the program. However, projects must be chosen through a competitive project selection process.

Funding Levels (Updated 2/7/2023)

2010 Federal Urban Area Boundary Map The Transportation Alternatives funding is sub-allocated to the RTC three-county Regional Transportation Planning Organization (RTPO) region based on population, with varying amounts being allocated to US Census-defined urban and rural areas. In addition, a portion of the funds are flexible and can be programmed within either the urban or rural areas. The attached map illustrates these areas.

The 2023 call for projects will include $3,124,000 in federal transportation dollars. This includes TA, CMAQ, and rural Carbon Reduction Program (CRP) allocations.

Estimated Transportation Alternatives Funding Sub-Allocation

  Urban Rural Rural-Clark Co. (CRP) Flexible Total
2024 $250,000 $70,000 $173,700 $375,000 $868,700
2025 $625,000 $125,000 $173,700 $205,000 $1,128,700
2026 $625,000 $125,000 $173,700 $205,000 $1,128,700
Total $1,500,000 $320,000 $521,100 $785,000 $3,126,100