Southwest Washington Regional Transportation Council

RTC Selected Projects


RTC is a forum for local public agencies to discuss transportation infrastructure and services to support the region’s goals for a balanced, safe, efficient, and affordable regional transportation system. While RTC does not directly construct or operate transportation facilities, it does plan, prioritize, and program federal transportation funds to improve regional mobility. RTC selects projects for the regional allocation of federal highway funds. These funds are utilized by local agencies to implement transportation improvements that support the Regional Transportation Plan.

Regionally selected projects can address a wide range of transportation needs including road widening, transit enhancement, signal coordination, bike and pedestrian facilities, and other transportation needs. RTC employs regional screening and selection criteria to prioritize and select projects for funding. Projects are evaluated based on their individual merits and their impact on the regional transportation system. Funds are awarded to local agencies based on project prioritization. Projects are then programmed in the Transportation Improvement Program and implemented by local agencies.

Project Dashboard
Summary of RTC awarded Grants including charts.
Project Details
Searchable database of projects that includes project information, funding, documents, and photographs.