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Federal Grant Program at a Glance

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Project Dashboard

The RTC Project Dashboard shows a summary of RTC awarded federal grants since 2010. To view individual project information, go to Project Details. To view information about the project selection process, go to the Overview.

Total Funding

The total funds obligated on projects, awarded by federal transportation grants through RTC, since 2010.

Federal Dollars Obligated: $127,442,202
Other Funds Obligated: $339,276,726
Leverage: Every $1 awarded by RTC leveraged $2.66 in other funds.
Funding Graph

Status of Projects

Project status represents a summary of progress for all RTC awarded grants since 2010.

Total Projects: 132
Completed Projects: 82
Active Projects: 50
  • Programmed: 12
  • Preliminary Engineering: 23
  • Right of Way: 3
  • Construction: 12
Status Graph

Federal Obligation by Year

Shows the total number of projects and federal dollars that federal transportation agency agreed to reimburse local agency for in recent years.

  Year   Projects   Federal$  
  2017   12   $6,945,100  
  2018   13   $7,196,872  
  2019   16   $9,171,500  
  2020   17   $10,181,823  
  2021   15   $12,344,551  
  2022   16   $12,090,200  
Obligation Graph

Project Delays

List of projects that are more than one year behind in moving to the next project phase.

Jurisdiction Project Current Phase
Clark County Signal Timing, Evaluation, Verification, Enhancement - Phase 2 Construction
Clark County NE 182nd Avenue/NE Risto Road Preliminary Engineering
Clark County NE 68th Street Sidewalk Preliminary Engineering
Clark County NE 179th Street at 29th Preliminary Engineering
Vancouver NW Neighborhood Connectivity Improvements Preliminary Engineering
Vancouver Jefferson-Kauffman Realignment Project Preliminary Engineering
Vancouver NE 137th Avenue Corridor Completion Right of Way

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