Southwest Washington Regional Transportation Council

Meeting Locations

Here’s a map to all of our most common meeting locations. Below the map are bullets identifying each marker, as well as links that will zoom in on any particular location or obtain turn-by-turn driving directions from where ever you may be coming from. You may also click on any map marker to get more information about the specific location or directions as well. If you find this page helpful, or have ideas on how better to communicate this information, your feedback would be appreciated!

Zoom to Specific Location:

A. Regional Transportation Council get directions
B. Clark County Elections / Auto Licensing get directions
C. Port of Vancouver USA get directions
D. Vancouver City Hall get directions
E. Vancouver Community Library get directions
F. Clark Public Utilities get directions
G. Clark County Public Health get directions
H. Water Resources Education Center get directions
I. Vancouver Housing Authority get directions
J. Fisher’s Landing Transit Center get directions
K. WSDOT SW Region Headquarters get directions
L. Metro Regional Center get directions
M. Port of Vancouver Terminal One get directions
RTC’s offices are at located at marker A.