Regional Transportation Planning, Research, Investment Strategies, and Funding.

Request for Qualifications: On-Call Transportation Planning AssistanceMarch 2023
Southwest Washington Regional Transportation Council (RTC) is seeking statements of qualifications from consultants to provide on-call transportation planning services which includes general planning, data research and analysis, community engagement, GIS mapping, graphic design, and document design and production. Responses should be sent to RTC and must be received by 3:00 p.m. on Wednesday, April 12, 2023. The RFQ is available for download from RTC at
Board Endorses Transportation Performance Management (TPM) TargetsFebruary 2023
Federal-aid highway funding recipients—including MPOs —are required to establish performance targets to document future transportation performance and incorporate performance-based planning and programming into the transportation planning process. At the February meeting, the RTC Board of Directors endorsed the safety targets established by the Washington Department of Transportation (WSDOT) for 2023, and infrastructure condition, system reliability, and freight movement targets established by WSDOT for 2022-2025. The RTC Board also concurred with C-TRAN’s updated Transit Asset Management (TAM) Plan and Public Transportation Agency Safety Plan (PTASP). The new targets, and background information on Transportation Performance Management (TPM), can be found in RTC’s new TPM Summary Report 2022.
Board Endorses YR 2023 State Legislative StatementDecember 2022
The RTC Board of Directors joined with dozens of government agencies and regional stakeholders by endorsing the Clark County Transportation Alliance 2023 Policy Statement. The 2023 Policy Statement identifies regional investments priorities and policy initiatives which support development of Clark County’s transportation systems. The 2023 Policy Statement advocates for new state funding for projects and ongoing programs, and a commitment to support legislative leaders in pursuing those outcomes.
2022 Annual ReportDecember 2022
RTC published its annual report of key program activities and outcomes for year 2022. Key highlights of 2022 included the awarding of over $28 million in regional grant funding to twenty four RTC Board selected projects, and adopting a four-year investment program that will yield over $512 million in regional multi-modal investments. The report also highlights strategic planning initiatives completed in 2022, which included: a comprehensive set of activities to improve traffic safety across the region’s transportation networks; the RTC region's CPT-HSTP 2022 update to improve special transportation needs for those community members without access to their own transportation; significant milestones to replace two aging bi-state bridges; and, a special program designed to support a more walkable/moveable/bikeable Clark County enacted by a 6-member Clark County team.
Human Services Transportation Plan Update AdoptedNovember 2022
The 2022 update to the Coordinated Public Transit – Human Services Transportation Plan (CPT-HSTP) for Clark, Skamania and Klickitat counties was recently adopted at the November 1 meeting of the RTC Board of Directors. The intent of the Plan is to identify the special transportation needs of people with disabilities, low income, the young, the elderly and those in rural areas who cannot provide transportation for themselves.
Board Approves 2023-2026 Transportation Improvement ProgramOctober 2022
The RTC Board of Directors has approved the 2023-2026 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP). The TIP authorizes $512 million for programming of major transportation projects within the Clark County, Washington region.
RTC Board Awards $13.75 millionSeptember 2022
On September 6, 2022 the RTC Board selected 13 projects within Clark County to receive a total of $13.75 million in regionally allocated federal transportation funds. Grants were awarded through a competitive grant process for improvements along arterial corridors throughout Clark County. Funds will be used between the years 2023 and 2026 to improve road, transit, and active transportation facilities.
WSDOT Awards $3.4 million for City Safety ImprovementsSeptember 2022
The Washington State Department of Transportation awarded $3.4 million between the cities of Battle Ground, Camas, La Center, Ridgefield, and Washougal for transportation safety improvements. These projects will make priority safety improvements as identified through City Road Safety Plans.
WSDOT Awards Additional $9.9 millionSeptember 2022
WSDOT recently awarded a total of $9,922,010 in federal funding between five transportation projects within Clark County. Projects include SR 502/SR 502 intersection, Small City Traffic Signals, NE 99th Street, Hazel Dell Sidewalks, and SE 1st Street.
2021 Annual Report on RTC’s Operations and Technology Program Now Available
The Vancouver Area Smart Trek (VAST) program is a partnership of transportation agencies in the Clark County region established to improve transportation system operations and performance through the use of smart technology and the system and communications infrastructure needed to support it. The VAST agencies, made up of WSDOT, Clark County, City of Vancouver, C-TRAN, and RTC collaborate on signal systems, freeway and arterial management, traveler information, and transit signal priority projects. Investments on operational and technology projects have been a small, but effective part of the overall transportation funding program. The annual report summarizes key 2021 accomplishments and recurring, recent and upcoming activities of the program.
Regional Intelligent Transportation System Architecture Report Released
The ITS Architecture is the framework for planning, defining, and integrating advanced transportation technology within the Vancouver area. The ITS architecture is a regionally focused summary of all the ITS strategies, required systems, and connections operated and/or planned by the VAST region’s agency partners to apply the technology and management techniques to manage congestion and improve reliability. The report documents existing conditions, assesses future needs, and ensures the Region is compliant with USDOT's ITS Architecture requirements.
Board Awards $229,000 for Bike/Pedestrian Improvements
On May 3rd the RTC Board awarded an additional $229,000 for two bicycle and pedestrian projects in Clark County. The grant funds will be used beginning in 2022 to fully fund the design of the Renaissance Trail Segment 5 (Port of Vancouver) and S 27th Street Path (City of Washougal).
Board Awards $4.3 million for Transportation Improvements
On April 5th the RTC Board selected eight projects within Clark County to receive approximately $4.3 million in regionally allocated federal transportation funds. Grants were awarded through a competitive grant process, for projects that are ready to proceed in year 2022. Funds will be used to improve road, transit, and active transportation facilities. Funding will be provided to improve SE First Street, SR-502/SR-503 Intersection, NE 99th Street, NW 38th Avenue, Highway 99 Bus Rapid Transit, I-205/Northbound Mill Plain ramp, Renaissance Trail, and S 27th Street Path.
Board Authorizes Local Call For Projects
On April 5th the RTC Board authorized RTC staff to proceed with the regional grant program for Clark County. The call for projects will be for $13.75 million between years 2023 to 2026. The call for projects will follow the guidelines and policies as outlined in the adopted Transportation Programming Guidebook. Local agencies are invited to submit grant application for eligible projects by the July 15, 2022 deadline.
Board Receives Report on Active Transportation Planning
RTC delivered an update to the Board of Directors on the status of Active Transportation Planning initiatives within the RTC region. RTC and WSDOT recently published Active Transportation Plan report, in fall 2021. RTC’s Phase I Plan reports documents review of regional policies, system inventories and sets the stage the for Plan’s Phase II recommendations which are expected concurrent with RTC’s forthcoming update to the Regional Transportation Plan for Clark County due in late 2023. Our Regional Active Transportation Plan phase I reports and WSDOT’s statewide Active Transportation Plan are available for review.
Regional Partners Awarded Walkability/Movability Action Institute Grant
An RTC led coalition of regional partners was awarded a unique opportunity to participate in a multi-day action planning course hosted by the NACDD Walkability Action Institute to advance active transportation and positive public health outcomes within Clark County. To be convened in May, the Walkability Action Institute will help regional partners advance planning, policy and project initiatives. The region's team will be expected to create an action plan for equitable transportaion access, and activity-friendly environment and walkability. Supporting the Institute are WSDOH, WSDOT and the Washington Transportation Improvement Board.