Regional Transportation Planning, Research, Investment Strategies, and Funding.

Public Meeting Notice: December Board of Directors
The upcoming December 5 meeting of the RTC Board of Directors will convene via an In-Person/Hybrid Format. All members of the Board are encouraged to attend the meeting in-person, or by webinar format. For more information on the upcoming agenda or public access and participation accomodations, please read on...
RTC Publishes Draft 2024 Regional Transportation PlansNov 2023
The Southwest Washington Regional Transportation Council (RTC) is publishing its draft 2024 Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) for Clark, Skamania, and Klickitat counties. The three RTPs are the foundational document for transportation infrastructure, policy, and planning and identifies future regional transportation system needs and outlines transportation plans and improvements necessary to preserve mobility within and throughout the region, as well as access to land uses within the region.
RTC Board Awards $3.7 million for Transportation ProjectsOct 2023
On October 3, 2023 the RTC Board awarded funds to the following transportation projects within Clark County:
  • C-TRAN’s Fourth Plain Bus Rapid Transit Expansion
  • WSDOT’s I-5, SR 502 to Cowlitz Way Southbound Ramp Meters
  • Camas’s SR 500/Everett, NE 35th Av. to NE 42rd Av Road Improvement
Board Approves 2024-2027 Transportation Improvement ProgramOct 2023
The 2024-2027 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) was adopted by the RTC Board of Directors on October 3, 2023. The TIP provides a summary of upcoming regionally significant transportation projects within Clark County, Washington. The 2024-2027 TIP programs $760 million over the next four years for transportation improvements.
2023 VAST Annual Report Oct 2023
RTC files FFY2023 VAST Annual Report, highlighting regional efforts to improve traffic operations and agency coordination within Clark County.
Clark County Travel Study Resumes This FallOct 2023
The Southwest Washington Regional Transportation Council with support from the Washington Department of Transportation and other agencies, have launched a transportation survey to better understand how people travel throughout Clark County. Full Press Release Here
RTC Secures additional $13.5 million for Transportation ProjectsSept 2023
The Southwest Washington Regional Transportation Council (RTC) has secured an additional $13.5 million in federal transportation funding to construct four transportation projects within Clark County. Full Press Release Info Here
RTC Board Awards $3.1 million for Bike and Pedestrian ProjectsJune 2023
On June 6, 2023, the RTC Board of Directors selected eight bike and pedestrian projects within Clark, Skamania, and Klickitat Counties to receive approximately $3.1 million in federal Transportation Alternatives funding. All were community-based projects that expand travel choices, improve the travel experience, and enhance mobility and safety. The projects are located in the cities of Bingen, La Center, Vancouver, Stevenson, Washougal, White Salmon, and in unincorporated Clark County.
Regional Traffic Volumes Rise and AM Congestion Remains ModerateMay 2023
YR 2022 traffic volumes throughout Clark County show volumes have nearly returned to pre-COVID pandemic levels. Preliminary findings from RTC’s annual Congestion Management Process (CMP) highlight persistent trends in work from home and shifting AM travel trends. First look data indicate traffic volumes on key Clark County freeway segments are comparable to pre-pandemic conditions. Changes in travel patterns and behaviors, combined with regional investments in active traffic management and ramp-meter systems, led to reduced travel times and congestion in the AM commute period.
Demographic Profile and Population Forecast Reported to BoardOct 2023
Clark County population grew by 18%; between 2010 and 2020, and, YR 2045 population forecast may reach nearly 700,000 persons. This top-line data, including comprehensive demographic assessments of population, housing, employment and transportation characteristics, were reported to the Board of Directors in March. Reports were delivered as part of the Clark County Regional Transportation Plan update, which is now underway. Individual report presentations can be found here: Clark Co. Demographic Profile; 2045 Growth Projection.
Board Endorses Transportation Performance Management (TPM) TargetsFebruary 2023
Federal-aid highway funding recipients—including MPOs —are required to establish performance targets to document future transportation performance and incorporate performance-based planning and programming into the transportation planning process. At the February meeting, the RTC Board of Directors endorsed the safety targets established by the Washington Department of Transportation (WSDOT) for 2023, and infrastructure condition, system reliability, and freight movement targets established by WSDOT for 2022-2025. The RTC Board also concurred with C-TRAN’s updated Transit Asset Management (TAM) Plan and Public Transportation Agency Safety Plan (PTASP). The new targets, and background information on Transportation Performance Management (TPM), can be found in RTC’s new TPM Summary Report 2022.
Board Endorses YR 2023 State Legislative StatementDecember 2022
The RTC Board of Directors joined with dozens of government agencies and regional stakeholders by endorsing the Clark County Transportation Alliance 2023 Policy Statement. The 2023 Policy Statement identifies regional investments priorities and policy initiatives which support development of Clark County’s transportation systems. The 2023 Policy Statement advocates for new state funding for projects and ongoing programs, and a commitment to support legislative leaders in pursuing those outcomes.
2022 Annual ReportDecember 2022
RTC published its annual report of key program activities and outcomes for year 2022. Key highlights of 2022 included the awarding of over $28 million in regional grant funding to twenty four RTC Board selected projects, and adopting a four-year investment program that will yield over $512 million in regional multi-modal investments. The report also highlights strategic planning initiatives completed in 2022, which included: a comprehensive set of activities to improve traffic safety across the region’s transportation networks; the RTC region's CPT-HSTP 2022 update to improve special transportation needs for those community members without access to their own transportation; significant milestones to replace two aging bi-state bridges; and, a special program designed to support a more walkable/moveable/bikeable Clark County enacted by a 6-member Clark County team.
Human Services Transportation Plan Update AdoptedNovember 2022
The 2022 update to the Coordinated Public Transit – Human Services Transportation Plan (CPT-HSTP) for Clark, Skamania and Klickitat counties was recently adopted at the November 1 meeting of the RTC Board of Directors. The intent of the Plan is to identify the special transportation needs of people with disabilities, low income, the young, the elderly and those in rural areas who cannot provide transportation for themselves.
Board Approves 2023-2026 Transportation Improvement ProgramOctober 2022
The RTC Board of Directors has approved the 2023-2026 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP). The TIP authorizes $512 million for programming of major transportation projects within the Clark County, Washington region.
RTC Board Awards $13.75 millionSeptember 2022
On September 6, 2022 the RTC Board selected 13 projects within Clark County to receive a total of $13.75 million in regionally allocated federal transportation funds. Grants were awarded through a competitive grant process for improvements along arterial corridors throughout Clark County. Funds will be used between the years 2023 and 2026 to improve road, transit, and active transportation facilities.
WSDOT Awards $3.4 million for City Safety ImprovementsSeptember 2022
The Washington State Department of Transportation awarded $3.4 million between the cities of Battle Ground, Camas, La Center, Ridgefield, and Washougal for transportation safety improvements. These projects will make priority safety improvements as identified through City Road Safety Plans.
WSDOT Awards Additional $9.9 millionSeptember 2022
WSDOT recently awarded a total of $9,922,010 in federal funding between five transportation projects within Clark County. Projects include SR 502/SR 502 intersection, Small City Traffic Signals, NE 99th Street, Hazel Dell Sidewalks, and SE 1st Street.