Transportation Improvement Program

2024-2027 TIP Call for Projects

The Southwest Washington Regional Transportation Council (RTC) invites public agencies in the Clark County region to submit applications for estimated 2024-2027 federal urban Surface Transportation Block Grant (STBG-UL) and urban Carbon Reduction Program (CRP-UL).

The STBG and CRP funds are allocated to the Clark County MPO area and programmed by the RTC Board of Directors. The STBG funds can be used for a wide range of transportation purposes. The CRP funds can be used for projects that reduce transportation emission.

These federal funds require a minimum 13.5% local match. In order to receive federal funds, the applicant must have either a 'Certification Acceptance' (CA) status or have a CA agency agree to manage their project. Also, projects are required to meet regional screening criteria. Project applications are due to RTC on Friday, July 14, 2023.

Project application, accident analysis worksheet, selection criteria, Schedule, Programming Guidebook, and other materials for preparation of grant requests are available in the sidebar.

The following table provides an estimate of available funds:

Year STBG-Urban CMAQ CRP-Urban Totals
2023 $0 $0 $584,000 $584,000
2024 $0 $0 $572,000 $572,000
2025 $0 $0 $572,000 $572,000
2026 $1,300,000 $0 $572,000 $1,872,000
Totals $1,300,000 $0 $2,300,000 $3,600,000