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Portal Data Archive

VAST partner agencies participate in Portal, a regional transportation data archive operated and maintained by Portland State University. Portal plays a key role in transportation performance measurement.

The Portal Data Archive is a partnership of transportation agencies in the Portland region and the VAST partner agencies. It includes historical freeway, arterial and transit data within the bi-state region in a single location.

Transportation agencies in Clark County began their participation in Portal during the development of the TSMO Plan. Initial Portal upgrades included a better user interface and enhanced reporting for highway data by day of week and time of day. In addition, sample data from Clark County incorporated into Portal was used to analyze approaches for reporting arterial traffic data.

In 2014, RTC worked with Portal staff to implement several new improvements to the Data Archive site, including infill of missing WSDOT data, the addition new Clark County detection data, and a concept of operations for publishing transit data.

The VAST partners are maintaining their close collaboration in 2015 that will include publishing C-TRAN data on ridership, stop activity, and on-time performance. Future updates to Portal will include publishing more comprehensive arterial counts and roadway travel time.

The data archive supports performance measurement, monitoring of system operations, and analysis of improvement strategies. It offers a one-stop information warehouse that can be used by researchers, planners, traffic engineers, and the public to look at multimodal transportation performance throughout the region.

You can visit the Portal website at: