Clark County Freight Mobility Study Update

The Southwest Regional Transportation Council (RTC) is supporting the update of Clark County’s 2010 Freight Mobility Study. The Clark County Freight Mobility Study Update (Update) aims to advance freight mobility in the region through analysis of freight data and traffic operations. The Update will inventory and update existing freight and goods movement, identify current deficiencies and supplement future action items identified in the 2024 Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) for Clark County. The Update will include all aspects of the freight system in Clark County, including rail, air and waterways, however, particular emphasis will be paid to truck movement to reflect its relative importance of the region’s freight mobility.

The first phase (Phase One) of the Update will use a data-driven approach to define freight and goods movement today and into the future. Future phases of the Update will seek to identify corridor investment needs in order to sustain jobs and economic development for existing and future industrial and employment centers. A broader review and analysis of contemporary freight planning and facility issues will be completed in a future phase. Together with the data-driven freight Phase One, the update will support greater awareness and understanding of the locations, needs and importance of freight movement and related logistics support systems in Clark County.

Project progress will be shared with regional stakeholders, including the public, RTC Board, and other local freight authorities to ensure transparency and accountability. A technical advisory committee of subject-matter experts, to include members of the Regional Transportation Advisory Committee (RTAC), will be convened to assist in the development and review of the Study Update. Opportunities for input and feedback will be made available on this webpage.

Staff Contact

E: Adam Fiss, RTC
P: 564-397-5232