Transportation Improvement Program

Program Summary

The TIP is a four-year program of regionally significant transportation projects. Projects programmed in the TIP are drawn either directly from specific project recommendations made in the Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) or are developed from a more general series of recommendations (e.g. preservation, maintenance, safety, etc.). The TIP represents an agency’s intent to implement a specific project and the anticipated flow of funds for that project. Regionally selected transportation projects are incorporated into the TIP along with other regionally significant projects selected for funding at the state or federal level.

The TIP is developed by RTC through a cooperative and coordinated process involving local jurisdictions, WSDOT, and C-TRAN. RTC is required by federal law to maintain a four-year TIP, that is updated at least every two years. As the MPO for the region, RTC selects and prioritizes projects programmed in the TIP.

Current Transportation Improvement Program

RTC Board adopted on October 3, 2023
FHWA/FTA Approved on January 17, 2024

The TIP prior to any amendment is available for download in PDF format (see sidebar). However, the projects included in the TIP are occasionally changed, and the searchable web database listed under Current Projects should be checked for current projects. For list of amendments to the current TIP please check under TIP Amendments.