Regional Safety Action Plan - Clark County

Guiding safety improvements on roads within Clark County.


Help us guide safety improvements on streets in Clark County!

The Southwest Washington Regional Transportation Council (RTC) wants to hear from people in Clark County about making our streets safer. Through the Safe Streets and Roads for All (SS4A) Safety Action Plan, RTC will identify transportation focused safety needs and improvements across Clark County. The key goal for the plan is to try and eliminate fatal and serious injury crashes by 2030 for people walking, biking, rolling, and driving.

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About the Plan

Between Winter 2023-2024 and Spring 2025, the Southwest Washington Regional Transportation Council (RTC) is developing a Safety Action Plan for Clark County. As part of this plan, RTC will identify safety improvements to try and reduce fatalities and serious injuries on Clark County’s transportation system.

This plan takes a Safe System Approach, which acknowledges that deaths and serious injury crashes are unacceptable, humans are vulnerable and make mistakes, and that transportation networks must be proactive about providing multiple layers of protections for all users, whether they travel by foot, by car, by bike, via transit, or with the help of a mobility device.

Plan Features

Funded by a federal grant, this safety action plan will:

  • Bring together a multidisciplinary Safety Working Group to provide input throughout the process
  • Unify behind a regional target year for achieving zero fatal and serious injury crashes
  • Understand current trends, policies, and needs by analyzing recent crash data and gathering input from local agencies and communities
  • Develop safety strategies and an implementation plan to address fatal and serious injury crashes in the region
  • Establish and track performance measures to monitor safety over time
  • Seek additional federal and state funding to implement plan-identified strategies

Project Schedule

Make Your Voice Heard

You are a key part of this Safety Action Plan, and your input helps the RTC make decisions about transportation in our region. You can comment during one of the two online open houses tentatively scheduled for spring and fall 2024. You can also send comments and questions to the email address or P.O. box below at any time. To share comments or be added to the mailing list to receive project updates, please reach out using any of the following methods:


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