Regional Transportation Plans

On February 6, 2024 the RTC Board of Directors adopted the 2024 Regional Transportation Plans (RTP) for Clark County, Skamania County, and Klickitat County, via Ordinance No. 02-24-03, 02-24-04, and 02-24-05, respectively. The RTPs are foundational documents for long-range transportation infrastructure, policy and planning in the region. The plans identify future regional transportation system needs and outline transportation plans and improvements necessary to preserve mobility. Each RTP is uniquely developed through a coordinated process between local jurisdictions, transportation agencies, stakeholders, and the public. Before adoption, each RTP was recommended to the Board of Directors by the Regional Transportation Advisory Committee, Skamania County Transportation Policy Committee, and Klickitat County Transportation Policy Committee. RTPs are updated every five years with the next scheduled update anticipated in 2029.