Regional Transportation Plan

2018 Skamania County

Report Cover

The first RTP for Skamania County was adopted in April 1995. The plan has been updated over the years with the 2018 Update being the most recent. The RTP uses 20 years as the horizon year and incorporates the latest available data.

The RTPs for Clark County, Skamania County, and Klickitat County are the region’s principal long-range transportation planning documents. They represent a regional transportation plan for each county and are developed through a coordinated process between local jurisdictions in order to develop regional solutions.

RTPs are developed to meet the magnitude of transportation issues facing each region and the need for cooperation between jurisdictions in order to develop regional solutions. The RTP is a plan which will meet the transportation needs over the next 20 years by implementing a regional transportation planning process.

The full plan for Skamania County is available for download in the sidebar.

2024 Skamania County RTP Update

Skamania County Today

Situated along the Columbia River in south central Washington, Skamania County is home to 12,170 residents spread over 1,683 square miles. Stevenson, the county seat, lies approximately 45 miles east of Portland, Oregon, and Vancouver, Washington.

The regional transportation system includes roadways, ranging from state routes to forest service roads, train tracks, shipping lanes and public transportation.

Skamania County residents and visitors depend on an efficient, safe transportation system for access to opportunities like work and school, their daily needs, and recreation. While a successful transportation system contributes to quality of life and drives economic development, aging and inefficient transportation facilities can inhibit the safe movement of people and goods and diminish the region’s prosperity.

Looking Ahead to 2045

Over the past decade the county’s population has grown substantially faster than both the Washington and U.S. averages1 for rural communities, and it’s projected to continue to grow. This growth isn’t without challenges. The future population is expected to skew older and include more people living with disabilities. Future demand and travel trends are expected to diversify, with higher demand for transit and multimodal options

Aging infrastructure, lack of existing multimodal options, transportation cost burdens, and funding continue to be concerns for businesses and residents alike. To ensure a robust, flexible transportation system in years to come, it is important to maintain the facilities the county has while enhancing the multimodal transportation network of transit, walking, and bicycling more viable options.

RTP 2024 Summary

2024 RTP Draft Report Cover

This Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) is Skamania County’s long-range transportation planning document. The plan assesses the transportation system today, expresses the community’s vision and goals going forward, and lays out how these goals will be achieved over the next 20 years. The focus of this plan is in improving the transportation network to support economic growth, improve access to services and employment, and enhance quality of life for residents and visitors alike.

Chapters 1 through 5 of the RTP provide a wealth of information about Skamania County and its transportation system. They describe the people, communities, and industries the transportation system supports; the key transportation facilities and services that make up the system today; and gaps in the system, both today and projected as the region’s population and economy grow.

In the concluding chapters, the RTP shifts from the what to the how. Chapters 6 through 8 describe the financial resources available to the County to support the transportation system; strategies and solutions to meet the projected needs; and how projects will be implemented and monitored to ensure they are performing as required. An unconstrained project list raises the most pressing needs to top priority for available funds

To review the 2024 Skamania RTP update, please click this link.