Southwest Washington Regional Transportation Council

Vancouver Area Smart Trek

Intelligent Transportation Systems

The ITS element of the VAST program focuses on the ITS, communications and the associated infrastructure and technology required to improve the operation of the transportation system and enhance performance without expanding roadway capacity.

RTC manages the VAST CIC which addresses the sharing, maintenance, and standards for communications infrastructure and equipment. It is represented by the agencies but is made up of both transportation and communications technical staff. The Committee has worked over the last several years to develop agreements and set common standards for fiber, equipment, and communications infrastructure.

The VAST agencies enhance ITS integration through real-time sharing of video, traffic detection, and incident data between WSDOT, City of Vancouver and Clark County for better management of regional traffic operations between agencies.

A Communications and Interoperability Agreement has been in place since July 2006 that authorizes agencies to enter into fiber asset sharing permits. The agreement has led to better use of existing fiber and communication equipment by sharing available capacity among agencies.

The VAST agencies utilize a shared mapping software that displays communications fiber and equipment as well as their detailed attributes. This asset management tool facilitates and supports fiber sharing among WSDOT, City of Vancouver and Clark County. The agencies can easily review the fiber and communication network, fiber ownership, capacity, and availability. Effort now focuses on adding new projects and maintaining the database.