Southwest Washington Regional Transportation Council

Transportation Improvement Program

TIP Amendments

Occasionally, changes need to be made to the TIP following its adoption. Federal regulations permit changes to the TIP if the procedures for doing so are consistent with federal requirement. These changes will be handled as an Update, Administrative Modification, and TIP Amendment.

These processes differ in the action that is required. Updates do not substantially change a project and can be handled administratively by RTC staff. Administrative modifications are generally changes to an existing project that can be approved by the RTC Executive Director. Amendments are substantial changes to a project that requires action from the RTC Board of Directors. The TIP document describes what type of changes can be implemented under each of these three TIP amendment types and the approval process.

The follow table highlights project changes to the 2019-2022 TIP document:

Table of 2019 TIP Amendments

Status Month Jurisdiction Project Resolution Comments
In Process January Clark County NE 259th Street and NE 72nd Avenue Intersection Administrative Increase Cost
In Process January Battle Ground Captain Strong & Chief Umtuch School Zone Upgrades Administrative New Project
In Process January Battle Ground Country Terrace Subdivision Safety Upgrades Administrative New Project
In Process January Vancouver Fourth Plain Blvd Road Diet - F Street to Fort Vancouver Way Administrative New Project
In Process January WSDOT SR-14 ATIS Infill, I-5 to Evergreen Administrative Remove from TIP

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