Clark County Travel Study

The Southwest Washington Regional Transportation Council (RTC) with support from the Washington Department of Transportation and our member agencies, have launched a transportation study to better understand how people travel throughout Clark County and the region.

Elements of Performance-Based Planning and Programming

RTC conducts household travel roughly every 10 years, as household demographics and related travel behaviors change over time. The most recent survey was conducted in 2009. Since that time our region has experienced rapid growth and increasing levels of congestion, creating a new environment that impacts household travel choice behavior. Technological changes, emerging societal trends and changes introduced by the COVID pandemic are additional factors that influence today’s household travel activities.

The Clark County Travel Study will collect updated household travel data, to ensure data used to make policy and investment decisions remains current and well informed. Household travel data is an essential building block for the region’s travel forecast model and other analysis tools. The study website is -

At least 2,000 households throughout Clark County are expected to participate between April and December 2023. Randomly selected households will be invited to participate by a mailed invitation. Invited households will have the option to complete the survey online, by phone, or through a smartphone app (rMove™) developed by the project consultants, Resource Systems Group, Inc. (RSG).

The survey will involve questions about general household information as well as travel details for given weekdays. All individual and household information collected in this study will remain strictly confidential.