Regional Transportation Plan - Clark County

The Regional Transportation Plan for Clark County is this region’s long-range transportation plan. The RTP is based on the Comprehensive Growth Management Plan for Clark County and is the collective regional strategy for developing a transportation system to provide mobility and accessibility for person trips as well as freight and goods movement.

The RTP is the foundational document for transportation infrastructure, policy, and planning in Clark County. It identifies future regional transportation system needs and outlines transportation plans and improvements necessary to preserve mobility within and throughout the region.

Looking 20-plus years into the future, the RTP’s analyses, recommendations, and fiscally constrained funding plan guide local, state, and federal funding needs. Using growth forecasts and employment trends, the RTP considers how to build and maintain a multimodal transportation system that will serve the needs of people who live, work, and travel in Clark County. It provides an opportunity to identify transportation strategies today to address the mobility needs that come with planned future growth, while addressing the growing need to make transportation services more equitable and accessible for all.

2024 Regional Transportation Plan

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Executive Summary Chapter 4
Intro and Chapter 1 Chapter 5
Chapter 2 Chapter 6
Chapter 3 Appendix H
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