Public Participation at RTC Board Meetings

RTC Board of Directors meetings are typically held at 4:00pm, on the first Tuesday of each month, in the sixth floor Training Room of the Clark County Public Service Center.

RTC Board of Directors meetings may also be convened via Remote Format. Published Meeting Notices will state the format of the meeting.

Meeting dates and times are subject to change! Check the agenda or agency calendar for cancelations, relocations, or time changes.

Oral Comments

Citizens may address the Board on any agenda-related item, or other matter, during “Call for Public Comments” agenda item.

  • In-Person Procedure: Submit a “yellow” Public Comment form to the Board Assistant or Board Chair prior to commencement of the meeting. When the Chair calls your name, come forward to the podium and state your name and address for the record. (Note: Forms are available at the meeting. Only those submitted prior to, or at the call for, public comment forms will be honored.)
  • Remote Procedure: Notify the remote meeting administrator that you wish to provide Oral comments, by following the specific remote webinar prompts provided during the meeting.
  • Time Limit: Oral comments are limited to a maximum of three minutes per speaker. (Note: Maximum time limits are contingent upon time available at each meeting.)

Written Comments

If you would prefer to submit written comments for an agenda item, or any other matter, you may do so.

  • Prior to the Meeting: Submit written comments online no later than noon on the day of the meeting to be recognized as received during the meeting.
  • At the Meeting: Please provide a minimum of 12 hard copies of the written comments.
  • Limitations: RTC makes no guarantees that it will copy, publish, or repost comments received, where the substance or material provided by the submitter/commenter is not the original work of that person. RTC makes every attempt to honor copyright privileges granted to primary authors and publishers, and may limit the publication and posting of third-party materials. RTC will decline to copy, publish or repost written comments which are considered obscene, indecent, or profane as defined by federal and state broadcast regulations.

Questions Regarding RTC Board Meetings and Public Participation in RTC Business

Questions on, or requests for accomodations for, RTC Board of Directors meetings may be emailed or directed by phone at 564-397-5214 to the assistant of the Board. For additional information about public participation with the RTC, please refer to the adopted Public Participation Plan.