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I-205 SB 134th Street to Mill Plain Blvd Ramp Meter

Agency: WSDOT, SW Region
Status: Under Construction
FHWA Aid#: 2051(287)
Project Type: Transportation System Management and Operations
Description: Install ramp meters on I-205 Southbound at Padden, SR-500, 18th Street, and Mill Plain.
Termini: 134th Street to Mill Plain Blvd.
Project Length: 8.30 miles
  Federal Funds Project Cost Schedule Obligation
Preliminary Engineering $372,500 $500,000 January 15, 2022 July 21, 2021
Construction $2,822,600 $3,822,600 January 15, 2023 October 27, 2022
Total $3,195,100 $4,322,600    

Project Photos

  • SR-500 Southbound Ramp at I-205
  • Padden Southbound Ramp at I-205
  • NE 18th St. Southbound Ramp at I-205
  • Mill Plain Southbound Ramp at I-205

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