Southwest Washington Regional Transportation Council

High Volume Intersections, 2019

Volumes are based on the total number of vehicles entering an intersection on an average weekday, and are approximate due to the variability from year to year, month to month, and day to day. Freeway ramp intersections with streets, were not considered for this listing. Intersections are counted once every two to three years, and this list is based on the most recent count available.

Links in the first column (rank) of the table below will take you to that specific intersection. Links in the second and third columns (street names) will take you to an index for that arterial.

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1 Fourth Plain Blvd. State Route 500 72,000 2019
2 Mill Plain Blvd. Chkalov Dr. 65,000 2019
3 Padden Parkway State Route 503 64,000 2018
4 Fourth Plain Blvd. Andresen Rd. 61,000 2019
5 Mill Plain Blvd. SE 164th Ave. 57,000 2016
6 Mill Plain Blvd. NE 136th Ave. 56,000 2019
7 NE 78th St. Highway 99 54,000 2016
8 Padden Parkway Andresen Rd. 53,000 2015
9 State Route 502 State Route 503 52,000 2018
10 Mill Plain Blvd. NE 120th Ave. 52,000 2016