Southwest Washington Regional Transportation Council

Evergreen Bl. / Shoreline

Use the tabs below to select various information provided for this intersection. The first tab offers a map of the intersection location, and a means of locating nearby count locations. Data for each intersection is offered by “leg” which is, at times, not entirely intuitive. Waving your mouse over the names above should clear up any ambiguities. Directional Average Weekday (24 hour average), AM Peak Hour (7-8 a.m.), PM Peak Hour (peak hour between 4-6 p.m.), and PM Peak Turn Movement (right, left, and through), are included in the summary. The final tab provides scanned PDF documents (where available) of the original count data for this intersection.

Aerial Map


South Leg Traffic Counts (Shoreline)

No count data available.

East Leg Traffic Counts (Evergreen Bl.)

No count data available.

West Leg Traffic Counts (Evergreen Bl.)

No count data available.