Southwest Washington Regional Transportation Council

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August 18, 1999

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Vancouver, Washington -- The Southwest Washington Regional Transportation Council (RTC), is hosting an open house to get public input on ideas for adding High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) Lanes in the I-5 Corridor. The open house is scheduled for:

Thursday, August 26, 5-8 p.m.
Vancouver Housing Authority
Community Meeting Room
2500 Main Street
Vancouver, Washington

HOV lanes, which are marked with white diamond shapes, require two or more passengers. They can help manage traffic congestion and reduce overall travel time.

The study area extends from 134th Street in Washington to the Fremont Bridge in Portland. RTC is currently considering various options for HOV in this area. The analysis of the HOV options will be coordinated the operation of the current northbound HOV lane on I-5 in north Portland. This project will assess how the HOV options affect traffic operations and mobility in the I-5 corridor. It will also determine how an HOV lane could be built in the corridor without having to replace the Interstate Bridge.

A preferred HOV option is expected to be selected in December 1999 and the study will conclude with its final report and a design of the HOV alternative in the spring of 2000.

This project is a collaborative effort of RTC, the Washington State Department of Transportation, C-TRAN, the City of Vancouver, Clark County, and the Oregon Department of Transportation.

The Open House is a great opportunity for the community to share ideas, concerns, and comments about the project.


For general inquiries

Bob Hart, Senior Transportation Planner
Regional Transportation Council
1351 Officers Row
Vancouver, WA 98661
Tel: 360-397-6067

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