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June 20, 1997

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Vancouver, Washington -- The Southwest Washington Regional Transportation Council announces that through a regionally coordinated and cooperative process, the Clark County region has been granted over $6.5 million in statewide competitive funding for 1998. A total of seven projects were selected for the TIA Urban Program, Urban Arterial Trust Account (UATA), and Pedestrian Facility Program.

On May 22-23, 1997 the Transportation Improvement Board (TIB) met and selected projects to receive statewide competitive funding. Listed below are the projects from our region which will receive statewide competitive funding in 1998:

TIA Urban Program

The goal of the TIA Urban Program is to improve the mobility of people and goods by supporting economic development and environmentally responsive solution to our transportation needs.

SE 164th Avenue, SE 1st St. to SE Mill Plain Blvd.
The City of Vancouver will improve the existing two lane principal arterial to four general purpose lanes, two HOV lanes, bike lanes and sidewalks. This project will include lighting, raised channelization and access control. Signal interconnection is included in the project improvements. The project's roadway section matches the existing section south of the project location. TIA Urban Funds $500,000, Total Project Cost $2,761,600.
NE 179th Street/I-5 Interchange.
Clark County will design and construct the widening of 179th Street to the bridge piers to accommodate four travel lanes. Sidewalks will be added behind the piers to accommodate pedestrians. The Southbound ramps will be widened to two lanes. A signal will be added to the southbound ramp termini and interconnected with the northbound ramp signal. The northbound ramps will be resurfaced. TIA Urban Funds $887,640, Total Project Cost $1,287,640.

Urban Arterial Trust Account (UATA)

The goal of the UATA Program is to improve the existing arterial street system to reduce congestion and increase traffic safety.

Burton Road, Andresen Rd. to NE 86th Ave.
The City of Vancouver will widen Burton Road from 24 feet to 46 feet to consist of two 11 foot lanes, a 12 foot turn lane, and two side foot bike lanes with curbs and gutters, plus six foot sidewalks both sides. Also install drainage, street lighting, bus turn outs, signal interconnects, landscaping, and bridge widening. UATA Funds $3,712,395, Total Project Cost $4,907,940.
NW 99th Street, NW Lakeshore Dr. to NW 21st Ave.
Clark County will widen to two 11 foot through lanes, a 12 foot left turn lane, plus two 6 foot bike lanes, with curbs and gutters both sides and six foot sidewalks. Install signals at Lakeshore Drive and at 21st Avenue. UATA Funds $1,254,750, Total Project Cost $2,270,000.

Pedestrian Facility Program

The goal of the Pedestrian Facility Program is to enhance and promote pedestrian mobility and safety.

Fourth Plain Blvd. Sidewalks, I-5 to Andresen Rd.
The City of Vancouver will construct 4,100 feet of sidewalk along both sides of Fourth Plain Boulevard, from I-5 to Andresen Road, Including the installation of 22 wheelchair accessible ramps. Pedestrian Funds $41,420, Total Project Cost $201,420.
Main Street Pedestrian Access & Safety, Fourth Plain to 33rd St.
The City of Vancouver will construct access ramps at intersections between Fourth Plain and 33rd Street, a pedestrian refuge island on Main Street South of 29th Street including striping a left turn bay north of 29th Street and repair uplifted sidewalk on Main Street. Pedestrian Funds $71,200, Total Project Cost $89,200.
NE 137th Avenue Walkway, 76th St. to Fourth Plain.
Clark County will install a 6 foot asphalt path on the east-side of 137th Avenue and install school warning flashers. Pedestrian Funds $100,000, Total Project Cost $170,000.


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