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Press Release

May 14, 2002

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Vancouver, Washington -- A Local Advisory Committee of citizens and Steering Committee of elected and appointed officials will meet jointly on Monday, May 20 from 6 to 8 p.m. to review and discuss alternative crossings being evaluated as part of this study. The public is welcome to attend the meeting, to be held in the small conference room at the Expo Center in Hood River. The Expo Center is located on Portway Avenue. The meeting is sponsored by the Southwest Washington Regional Transportation Council, in partnership with the Oregon and Washington Departments of Transportation and local cities and counties.

At the meeting, members of the committees will review the results of the most recent analysis and screening of crossing alternatives and recommend those that should be evaluated further. At this point in the study, the project team recommends that only those alternatives in the corridor adjacent to the existing bridge should be evaluated further. Committee members also will review the results of an economic/financial feasibility study of crossing alternatives and assist the project team in identifying how to proceed with the remainder of the study.

Throughout the project, residents and business owners on both sides of the river will have additional opportunities to be involved through community events, questionnaires, newsletters, a youth project, public displays and other means.


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Dale Robins
Senior Transportation Planner
Regional Transportation Council

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