Southwest Washington Regional Transportation Council

Human Services Transportation Plan for Clark, Skamania, and Klickitat Counties

RTC is working with community stakeholders on a 2014 update to the Human Services Transportation Plan (HSTP) for the Clark, Skamania, and Klickitat county region. The 2014 update of the HSTP will replace the current 2010 Plan.

What is the HSTP?

The intent of the federally-required HSTP is to identify the special transportation needs of people with disabilities, low income, the young and elderly and those in rural locations who cannot provide transportation for themselves.

The HSTP can help to ensure communities coordinate transportation resources provided through multiple federal and state programs. A coordinated plan can help to enhance transportation access, minimize duplication of services, and encourage the most cost-effective transportation solutions.


A required element of the HSTP is to identify the transportation needs of the target population groups: individuals with disabilities, older adults, and persons with low incomes. This is accomplished by making observations of the population groups that are evident from a demographic analysis. The following is intended to provide a quick look at some of the three-county area population groups. In all three counties the population over 65 years of age, with disability, and below poverty level represent a significant portion of the total population.

Population Aged 65+ Disabled Below
Poverty Level
Clark County 425,363 11.5% 12.2% 12.6%
Skamania County 11,066 14.4% 14.7% 12.4%
Klickitat County 20,318 17.8% 18.4% 19.1%

The Washington State Office of Financial Management estimate the population over 65 years of age in the region will increase to more than 20% of the total population over the next 20 years. Along with the aging population, the other targeted groups will likely show significant increases over the next 20 years. The following graph highlights the forecasted increase in population over 65 years in age.

RTC’s 3-County Region:
Populations by Age Cohort, 2010-2035

Why update the Plan in 2014?

The Human Services Transportation Plan for RTC is being developed in response to federal and state requirements. These requirements necessitate the development of a locally-developed coordinated HSTP every four years in order to obtain certain federal and state funds. The plan must be developed through a public process that includes representatives from transportation and human service providers with participation by the public.

Draft 2014 HSTP

RTC is currently seeking public comment on its draft Human Services Transportation Plan. The formal public comment and review period will run from October 1, 2014, through November 4, 2014.

To review the Draft 2014 HSTP, obtain additional information on the HSTP, or provide feedback go to

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