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May 20, 2010

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Columbia River Gorge -- The Southwest Washington Regional Transportation Council (RTC) is partnering with Washington and Oregon Departments of Transportation, the ports of Hood River and Klickitat, and the local cities and counties to find a long-term solution to the Columbia River crossing between Hood River, Oregon and White Salmon/Bingen, Washington.

A previous feasibility study from transportation agencies in Washington and Oregon evaluated the need to reconstruct or replace the existing Hood River Bridge and concluded with a Draft Environmental Impact Statement recommending that the existing bridge be replaced. Using the previous study, partner agencies will complete a Bridge Type, Size, and Location Study (TSL) for a future bridge between Hood River, Oregon and Bingen/White Salmon, Washington. During the TSL study process, engineers will collect and analyze data to develop several feasible bridge concepts. The concept that best addresses needs will be the recommended alternative.

In addition to the TSL Study, the current study effort will include artist renderings of the recommended alternative, an economic analysis of the Columbia River crossing, bridge cost estimates, and an outline for completion of the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) process.

For more information visit the SR-35 Columbia River Crossing Study website:


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